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Our Team

Adler Industrial’s team is made up of experienced executives that are highly skilled in their respective fields, providing the company the ability to successfully execute a wide variety of business plans.

Founder & President

Adler Industrial Mike Adler

Mike Adler

Mr. Adler, as President of Adler Industrial, LLC and sister company, Adler Realty Investments, Inc., is actively involved in a broad spectrum of real estate investment and development projects. His market insight, analysis and leadership enable the firms to consistently exceed market returns on investments. While serving as President of the Adler companies, Mr. Adler has acted as general partner, manager and investor in over 100 real estate projects valued at over $2 billion.

Executive Team

Adler Industrial Brad Miller

Brad Miller


Brad Miller oversees the development, management, and leasing of Adler Industrial.

Adler Industrial Jacob Miller

Jacob Miller


As Director of Construction, Mr. Miller oversees the overall operations for the development and construction projects.

Richard S. Gable

Managing Director - Debt & Equity

Mr. Gable directs the acquisition team and secures the debt and equity financing for the Adler companies.

Adler Industrial Mandana Tarr

Mandana "Mandy" Tarr

Senior Property Manager

Mrs. Tarr oversees property operations as well as day to day operational and financial functions.

Adler Industrial Charity Nelson

Charity Nelson

Manager of Leasing, Outreach & People Strategy

Ms. Nelson has a strong background in economic development, project management, and more.

Adler Industrial Tracy Tuong

Tracy Tuong


Ms. Tuong manages and leads the accounting teams of Adler Realty Investments and Adler Industrial.

Andrea Myers

Transaction Manager

Ms. Myers manages the acquisition, due diligence, and closing processes, ensuring that all parties are informed.

Adler Industrial William Reil

William Reil

Assistant Controller

Mr. Reil is responsible for all accounting and financial reporting for Adler Industrial, AI Construction, and affiliates.

Adler Industrial Virna McEntee

Virna McEntee

Construction Administrator

Ms. McEntee handles the daily operations side of construction projects, helping the Director of Construction.

Adler Industrial Millie Lesko

Millie Lesko

Construction Accountant

Ms. Lesko is responsible for construction accounting processes and procedures for the AI Construction team.

Adler Industrial Brad Abruzzini

Brad Abruzzini

Property Manager

Mr. Abruzzini primarily works with vendors and tenants on property maintenance and repair.

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