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Codale Electric Supply’s Meridian Facility Unveiled: Commitment To Excellence

Codale, a distinguished name in the electrical distribution domain, in conjunction with Adler Industrial, proudly announce the grand unveiling of its latest triumph – their second facility located in Meridian, Idaho. This state-of-the-art facility, boasting 24,330 square feet of Grade A build-to-suit space, stands as a beacon of growth and innovation in the industry.

A Mission of Excellence

Focusing on delivering unparalleled customer service, the company aims to set a new industry standard, leaving a lasting impact on the communities it serves. This mission with help establish Codale’s dedication to optimal service delivery and community growth.

Empowering Contractors and Community

Codale is deeply committed to empowering a diverse spectrum of contractors, spanning residential, commercial, solar, industrial, and utility sectors. The Meridian facility is tailored to provide essential support and resources for projects, underscoring Codale’s dedication to contractor and community success.

Innovation Hub and Unmatched Convenience

Beyond its architectural brilliance, the Meridian facility transcends the conventional notion of a building. It stands as a hub for innovation and convenience, showcasing an extensive array of tools and hosting the valley’s inaugural Milwaukee Tools “store within a store.” This innovative addition enhances accessibility and choice, further reinforcing Codale’s commitment to delivering superior service.

The Codale team and Adler Industrial extend a warm invitation to all stakeholders, partners, and community members to join them at their ribbon cutting ceremony on Thursday, September 21st from 4-7 pm. This event promises an evening of connection, insightful discussions, and a glimpse into the future of electrical distribution.


To learn more about all Codale provides, visit their website HERE.

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